Sunday, April 12, 2015

Don't burden poetry

A poem is a magical arrangement of words
that delivers feelings. It is not a test.

Poetry and music speak directly to your heart.
When listening to a piece of music,
the melody and the lyrics wash over you,
You find yourself in a particular mood.
You would not think to analyze how that happened
So why burden a poem with such a thought?

The only question to ask of a poem
is not "What did the poem mean?" but
rather, "What mood does the poem deposit
into your heart?"

To You   By Karla Kuskin

I think I could walk
Through the simmering sand
If I held your hand.
I think I could swim
The skin shivering sea
If you would accompany me.
And run on ragged, windy heights,
Climb ragged rocks
And walk on air.

I think I could do anything al all
If you were there.

No need to ask the meaning of this poem—
Your heart knows how to respond.
I believe more people will enjoy
poetry when they get out from under
the burden to explain it.

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