Saturday, October 5, 2013

Books that make a sound in your heart.

The New York Public Library is risking the wrath of kids of all ages with a new list of the 100 most popular children’s books of the last 100 years that omits many favorites. Read more:

I relish the debate! The love of a book is like a love affair and to mess with it is serious business, as it should be. My love of a book often verges on feeling sacred— and once I love a book, it becomes mine forever. What makes the books I read so powerful? Reading does for me what travel does. I go places and meet new people, and quite often, the people I meet change my life. It is as I had my very own fairy godmother who continually puts books on my path.

So the NY Public Library’s new list of best books is cause for celebration. Do I love every book on list— absolutely not!  My list of favorites looks very different —which books are on your list?  My criteria for a book becoming an evergreen favorite is that it must make an indelible sound in my heart.

Let the conversation over what are your favorite reads begin and continue forever.  Lucky us who are readers!

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