Thursday, August 8, 2013

Begin the school year with a mindset that encourages excitement about learning.

We live in an age of information. We are inundated by it. Too much information can swamp the boat of wonder, especially for a child.
Creative & critical thinking depends crucially upon habits of mind that are most readily acquired by children: curiosity; voracious observation; sensitivity to rules and variations within the rules; and fantasy. Quality children's books instill these habits of mind and inspire a child’s sense of wonder of the world, placing a youngster on the road to lifelong learning.

Conversational Reading, reading and talking with children about a story, encourages children to be like the kid in Dr. Seuss’s On Beyond Zebra who refused to be limited by the fact of the alphabet: "In the places I go there are things that I see / That I never could spell if I stopped with the Z."

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