Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Parents need guidance. Schools need good parents.

It is important that parents know how much the growth and development of their child’s brain is dependent on the right stimulation. Talking develops a child’s use and understanding of language, which is the basis of reading. I think schools would benefit by putting time and resources into Parent Education. Enlist parents in the cause of building a child’s strong literacy skills by guiding parents on best parenting practices.
Begin with teaching parents how to effectively read and talk with a child about a story, showing them why this is important. Do parents know how being read to does not automatically lead to literacy? The real link lies in the verbal interaction that occurs between the adult and child during reading a story. Talking with children has an even stronger effect on literacy learning than reading aloud to them. Teaching parents HOW to “Conversationally Read”: Read a book, Ask a question, Start a conversation is how they can best support their child’s growth and development. When we educate parents, we better educate children.

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